The Settlers

II 10 Aniversario

New edition of one of the classic strategy games


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Ubisoft is proud of the tenth anniversary of The Settlers II and launches a completely renovated new edition in the same graphic environment of this strategy game that has given so many hours of entertainment and fun to the lovers of the genre.

Using a completely new graphic engine (don't forget, 10 years have passed) you can now enjoy the small constructors, explorers, hunters, etc. in a more realistic way.

Do you remember those characters that looked like ants on the screen? Now you can perfectly distinguish them. The objectives are the same: collect fruit to feed the village, cut wood and collect minerals to construct and try to make your civilization the strongest.

When you feel ready, attack the enemy and defend yourself, it's time to take over their territory.

This game has given us so many hours of fun and promises many more. Without a doubt, it's a version you have to try, if you like the genre or even if you don't, because it can be the best way to start liking this genre.

The demo version includes a tutorial level and the first complete level.

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